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What kind of issues do shareholders vote on?

Proxy votes can address a wide range of issues. Proxy votes are often put forth to elect members of a company’s board of directors. They can be used to give shareholders a say on corporate strategy or executive compensation. And shareholders have even used proxy votes to encourage companies to take on more environmentally or socially responsible business practices.

How will I know what items are on the ballot?

Companies are obligated to inform their shareholders in advance of any vote. To make sure you are able to exercise your rights as a shareholder, you will receive proxy materials, by mail or email, that include important information:

Proxy Voting

Once you have reviewed the information and decided how you’d like to vote, it is easy to then vote your proxy.

Take action in helping to shape tomorrow

Participating in shareholder meetings is one way to help shape the future of the companies you invest in.  You can attend shareholder meetings in person, and in many cases virtually.  At meetings you can learn about the companies you invest in and ask questions. You can also express your opinions on the issues that affect your investments.

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There were over 400 shareholder proposals last year.